Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Real snakeskin nails in Dubai!


New nail art addiction, this time a luxurious one! Gel nail company Bio Sculpture has come up with a new concept, where skin shed by snakes is layered between coats of gel polish for a look that is, as the promotional material would have us believe, “radically reptilian”… WOW!
• It’s undoubtedly unique, and there won’t be many people in the office/university or at brunch with more conversation-worthy nails than you.
• If done well, gel nails really do last longer than conventional polish and aren’t as thick or damaging to nails as acrylic.
• They’re still getting to grips with the process, so wait a while before splashing out.
Bio Sculpture snakeskin nails are Dhs900 for a full set.
The Nail Spa, various locations including Mercato Mall (04 349 7766)

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